What is GoodieCash? The granting of fast online mini credits is more frequent than at first could be thought. On many occasions we need a small amount of money to deal with situations of urgency, and for which it is not necessary to request a personal loan. Many companies respond to this type of needs by granting fast mini-credits that do not have more complexity in their application, and one of them is GoodieCash.

GoodieCash is a Spanish company belonging to DFC global Corp, one of the most important companies worldwide in the concession of online micro credits. Your commitment is to offer quick money through a simple and transparent procedure, without hidden costs or complications afterwards.

How to ask for quick personal mini-credits with GoodieCash?

How to ask for quick personal mini-credits with GoodieCash?

The process is very simple. From the GoodieCash website, it is sufficient to complete the application for a mini credit online, providing the information and documentation requested. In just a few minutes, GoodieCash gives you an answer and enters the money in your account in case it has been approved. A simple and quick way to have immediate liquidity for those situations that, unexpected or not, require urgent money.

A breakdown in your vehicle? Do you have to face the payment of the letter of your mortgage to avoid greater evils? There is no reason to worry about this type of problems, since with GoodieCash you can solve them almost instantaneously.

Requirements to apply for the GoodieCash mini credit

Requirements to apply for the GoodieCash mini credit

It could be thought that to apply for mini fast credits online, a stable work situation is essential, but nothing is further from reality. Requesting fast mini credits without payroll is also possible, as long as you can prove a pension income or unemployment benefit. When dealing with small amounts, the flexibility to access this type of product is greater than that offered by a bank to which we requested a personal loan.

The requirements to access the quick mini credits granted by GoodieCash are the following:

  • Be between 18 and 65 years old
  • Minimum demonstrable income of 400 euros per month
  • Be a resident in Spain
  • Have your own mobile phone and a bank account that you own
  • Not be included in the ASNEF delinquency file
  • Send DNI scanned on both sides
  • Not having another valid loan in GoodieCash

Benefits of ordering fast mini credits online

Benefits of ordering fast mini credits online

The mini fast credits online have as main advantages its immediacy and ease. While traditional credits require a cumbersome and annoying process, which includes going to the bank and giving an account of what you are going to use the money for, this system does not take more than a few minutes of your time, and is done entirely online.

Also, at GoodieCash they will not ask you about the use you are going to make of that money or worry about knowing what you need it for. That falls within the scope of your personal responsibility. Your only concern will be that you comply with the payment within the deadline.

This period, along with the total amount to be returned (amount plus service fees), will be communicated via email on the invoice that GoodieCash sends you once your request is approved. On that date a bank transfer must be made in your favor for the total of that amount so that the loan is settled.

If circumstances allow you, you can also make the loan settlement in advance, and in the event of the opposite situation, that you can not meet the commitment, there is the option to establish an extension.

In addition, GoodieCash offers as an additional incentive for new clients the granting of a first loan of up to 200 euros, totally free of charge.

When do I receive my GoodieCash money?

The process for the payment of the money granted begins at the same moment in which you are notified of the acceptance of your request. From that moment, GoodieCash makes a transfer to your account number and the money can be almost instantaneous, provided that your bank corresponds to the one that GoodieCash uses for this procedure.

If your bank is different, the receipt of the money will follow the usual channels in any transfer between different entities. This means that the reception of the same can vary between 1 and 3 working days.

GoodieCash is very clear about his intention to grant quick mini credits, only to those who are willing to return them without problems, and for this reason he asks those who are not in that situation to refrain from requesting them.

It is one of the options to get that urgent money you need without explanations.

If you fulfill the requirements that GoodieCash demands and you need urgent money, go to GoodieCash and request your first credit of up to 200 euros totally free.