The visit to the dentist not only supposes to spend “a bad time” but it also supposes an economic problem, we all know that the bills of the dentist are not cheap at all.

For this you can choose 3 different possibilities:

  • Wait for you to enter the payroll of the month to make an appointment at the dentist
  • Request a miniprestamo of those free to companies like Hypocredit
  • Ask your dental clinic to finance the treatment, which I do not advise because it faces the economic cost of dental treatment

What dental treatments can we finance with a loan?

What dental treatments can we finance with a loan?

Before going into the different dental health problems that we may have, I have to say that all this happens because we have not taken care of our dental health since we were little, such as not brushing our teeth daily or following the minimum standards of oral hygiene recommended.

But once we have shared this little reflection about our lack of dental hygiene we will see the dental treatments for which we can use the money obtained with a loan obtained through the internet:

Teeth whitening

Treatment to which many people resort to have whiter teeth (often yellow by the abusive use of substances such as tobacco, coffee, wine, etc.)

The enamel day by day is absorbing substances that cause the appearance of a yellow color that results in a very unsightly vision.

How much is it worth to whiten teeth?

There are several methods, from the simplest to some that are really expensive, the price ranges between € 50 and € 400 if it is carried out using Led technology

Dental fillings

It consists in filling with a special substance the holes produced by the caries on a particular dental piece. This prevents us from losing the piece. The economic cost is about 70-80 euros per filling.

Personally I do not understand why Social Security does not take care of this expense, because I consider it basic, and not as a luxury expense as they want us to believe.

When there are several fillings the sum can become important and we have to resort to some type of extra financing such as bank loans.

Dental veneers

They are a kind of plates that are placed on damaged teeth, normally the enamel is badly damaged and aesthetically much damaged.

The veneers can be composite or porcelain, being these much more resistant but much more expensive.

The placement of composite veneers can be between 100 and 150 euros and instead, porcelain veneers can reach up to 500 euros.

How to avoid such dental expenses?

How to avoid such dental expenses?

The solution seems obvious: Prevent. As simple as that, since we have been taking good care of our children since we were children, we will avoid all these expenses.

It is essential that from childhood you acquire the habit of using dental irrigators, dental floss, and of course the daily use of fluoride toothpaste and a toothbrush.

Who to turn to to finance the treatment?

Who to turn to to finance the treatment?

The most popular company is Hypocredit (thanks to its television campaigns) but there are other very interesting options such as bankil or Contero.

Both focused on lending small amounts of money quickly and always operating through web platforms because they speed up the application and concession procedures.

But only resort to financing if you do not have available balance, because as all financing carries a series of costs unless you “pille” some type of promotion or offer such as commission loans 0%